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A cosmopolitan city, which combines traditional culture with everything new, Tokyo is an utmost fascinating place that never fails to surprise or excite. If you haven’t already been we would highly recommend you visit as long as you’re ok with unlimited shopping, entertainment, culture and dining of course. The streets are clean and safe, the people friendly, and with so much to explore, what’s not to love. Here is a list of our top things to see and do:


Here you will find Tokyo’s most prestigious shopping area and get to experience shopping in some of the oldest department stores. Full of luxury and numerous international fashion brands, we thoroughly enjoyed strolling through this shopping district. Aside from all these shops, the area had a real buzz and was complete with restaurant, art galleries, fancy bars and food halls offering the finest Japanese foods.

If you really want to delve into Japanese culture then this is the place to be. Set in the heart of Harajuku, Omotesando is full of yet more cafes and fantastic boutiques however it differs from Ginza in that here you will be able to get an insight into Japanese youth culture. Expect to see bright, cutting edge fashion, this place is a real inspiration and treat for the eyes. We also enjoyed roaming the local supermarkets here and sampling all the fresh food.


Shibuya Crossing
Of course we couldn’t let this go amiss. A centre for youth culture and more outrageous fashion, Shibuya is the birthplace to many trends in fashion and entertainment in Japan. Packed with neon lights, video screens, and advertisements, Shibuya is simply fascinating but what makes it more so is its famous crossing. The famous intersection sits outside the Shibuya station and epitomizes organised chaos. The busy junction is where you can experience the lights turning red in every direction and the traffic stopping as pedestrians scurry through the intersection from all angles. The scramble is both terrifying, thrilling and fascinating. If you thought Oxford Circus in London was hectic, thnk again.



Ok so the crossing wasn’t the only fascinating aspect of Shibuya. Whilst we were here we visited the Meiji Shrine. This is know an Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine which was dedicated to the late 19th century emperor who opened Japan to the West. Simple, beautiful and serene, this shrine is considered to be a prominent part of Tokyo’s landscape and is surrounded by the Yoyogi Park a beautiful area of greenery. This shrine is popoular for Japanese weddings.

Tokyo National museum
For a chance to see the world’s largest collection of Japanese art including pottery, Buddhist sculptures, samurai swords and intricate Kimonos, the Tokyo National museum is a must visit. We thoroughly enjoyed soaking up all the traditional Japanese culture here whilst also learning about the Terracotta army, the army of China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuang.


Tokyo Tower
An iconic landmark of Tokyo, this stunning building serves as a telecommunications hub and an attraction for tourists worldwide. The tower is simply breath taking and contributes to the landscape and skyline of Tokyo. Here you can expect to see magnificent views as far as Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukubu and well as enjoy the dazzling neon lights of the city.


Park Hyatt Hotel
We had the luxury of staying at the Park Hyatt, a beautiful 5 star hotel complete with luxury rooms, which overlook the bustling city. The service here was excellent and the restaurants fantastic too. We would highly recommend staying here and would happily revisit.