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New York-Gallivanting Around The Big Apple

A wondrous city with an on going buzz when you’re in New York there’s a high chance you will feel that anything’s possible and that’s because it probably is. Filled with ginormous skyscrapers, this city is like no other and is full of character and numerous iconic sites from the Empire State building to Times Square. There is so much to do and the night is always young. It’s no wonder it’s described as the city that never sleeps. We just had the pleasure of visiting and oh how we wish we were right back there now. Here are 5 things we loved this time round.
  1. The Empire State Building.

The Empire State building never ceases to fascinate us. Located at the centre of Midtown Manhattan, the iconic, 102-storey office building is 1472 ft. high and contributes to the spectacular New York skyline. The view from the top is beyond exquisite and we have to say that nothing beats watching a sunset from here. Truly magical, there is no better way to soak up the atmosphere of NYC than to experience the breath taking beauty from here.

  1. Village Halloween Parade
Whilst we don’t usually celebrate Halloween, we couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of this upmost fascinating spectacle and we must admit it was fantastic. This was the 42nd annual parade and is the largest Halloween celebration in the world, taking part in Greenwich Village and attracting over 60,000 participants. We witnessed an awe of creativity, spontaneity and excitement as all these people paraded about in their costumes, bringing the cities spirit alive and reinforcing the imaginative lifestyle of New York City.  


  1. The Lower east Side

The lower east side has got to be one of NYC’s most fashionable neighbourhoods and certainly does have its own unique charm. Located in the southeastern part of New York City, you will be sure to discover an array of independent boutiques, diners and quirky bars. Of course one of its most famous eateries is the legendary Katz’s Delicatessen. Famous for its feature in the Hollywood hit movie’ When Harry met Sally’ this iconic diner serves the best pastrami sandwiches in New York City and lets just say it was so good we had to make multiple visits.

  1. Tenement Museum

Located on the Lower East side at 97 Orchard Street, the Tenement Museum is a national historic site, which was home to 7,000 people from 20 different nations between 1863 and 1935.   The museum offers an intimate and fascinating insight of immigrant life, taking us through the history and experiences of generations who had built lives for themselves on the Lower east Side.

  5.  The Townhouse Inn of Chelsea

This time round we had the luxury of staying in the most beautiful of accommodations at the Townhouse Inn. Located in the wonderful neighbourhood of Chelsea, this 19th century townhouse is the perfect little hideaway that will make you feel right at home. The 14-bedroom hotel is friendly, personal and rather trendy, offering the warmest welcome you could possibly imagine. Its prime location, which is central to everything, makes it even more of a catch. We stayed in a lovely large sized bedroom, which was full of character and featured exposed brick walls, vintage furniture and chandeliers. The apartment also featured a grand dining room and living room area, which was equipped with beautiful homely rugs, and upon arrival we were even given our very own key so that we were able to come and go as we pleased.

The service was fantastic and during our stay we were looked after Eric and his team who gave us the full lowdown on the Inn, Chelsea and anything to do with New York. They were incredibly friendly and helpful and we really couldn’t have asked for a better stay or a warmer welcome. We would highly recommend this little gem for anybody wishing to experience and independent living in New York.