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The Only Grocery Shopping List You'll Ever Need

A simple formula to make the most of your next grocery trip (and every other one after that) Ever find yourself dragging your feet in the grocery aisles and staring blankly at the vast selection of goodies? What about tossing leftover ingredients because all you needed was just a handful of ___________ for one recipe or because you're only cooking for one? We're learning to shop smarter so we actually eat everything we buy, make healthy meals, and save money for more important splurges like that much-needed happy-hour cocktail. While most people march into grocery stores equipped with a list to make one recipe, we like to start each week with a grocery basket that is both flexible and inspiring.

2 proteins:
Select one cooked or prepared protein and a raw protein. Pre-marinated or prepared meats, such as a rotisserie chicken, help reduce cooking time while bringing home a few fillets of fresh fish allows you to be creative with dinner.

2 Veggies:
Choose seasonal, fresh produce that can be easily roasted or steamed to serve as a side.

2 Fruits:
We often purchase too many fruits, and then they spoil. Pick just two that you'd want to eat with yogurt or to grab for on-the-go mornings.

All you need is a handful of herbs to add a dab of freshness to your morning eggs or to spruce up your choice of protein.

A Dozen Eggs:
Eggs (preferably the pretty brown ones!) are a weekly essential used for breakfast or a mid-day snack.

Greek Yogurt:
Aside from being a quick and healthy breakfast choice, we like to use Greek yogurt in creative ways--in place of mayonnaise in chicken salads and instead of sour cream for tacos.

Choice of Cheese:
Always a fun part of shopping! Pick one cheese that you can add to omelets, mix into a salad, or eat on its own.

Choice of Grain:
Unless you're on a carb-free diet, we think it's always a good idea to experiment with grains, such as Basmati rice or quinoa, to round off a meal and make you feel full.

Whether homemade or storebought, we love topping our morning yogurt or vanilla ice cream with a little crunch.

Smart Snack:
Nuts and dried fruit are always a great choice, but we never rule out dark chocolate or popcorn! With this formula in mind, we peruse the aisles and pick up items that can be easily mix and matched for different meals throughout the week. We might, for instance, roast all vegetables one day to heat and serve alongside our week's protein or toss all of our veggies into a big pot of soup for the week. The options are endless!

Keep in mind our list is ideal for someone cooking or shopping for one, but you can easily adjust the quantity of each group to feed more people.