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AW14: Time to Refresh Your Style

When it comes to refreshing your style, sometimes the easiest updates can make the biggest difference. With that said, we have 3 simple tips to help you boost your summer style.

Mix Casual and Polished:
There is nothing more chic than a super laid-back and effortless look. Try wearing a pair of comfortable Ponte Trousers with pretty Beaded Top and sleek heels.


Try a new hemline or dress style:
It is important to have a signature look, but if you're searching for a quick update, we have just the fix. Explore, a new dress style - if you wear a lot of shift dresses, try a tie-waist or bell sleeved style this weekend!


Focus on your back: If you're looking to add a bit of charm to your next look, we suggest investing in a top that has interesting back detail. For example, a contrasting colour.