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Newcastle Uncovered

Newcastle upon Tyne, commonly known as Newcastle, is a city and metropolitan borough in Tyne and Wear, North East England. Historically part of Northumberland, it is situated on the north bank of the River Tyne. It is the most populous city in North East England. The city lies at the urban core of the Tyneside conurbation, which is the seventh most populous conurbation in the United Kingdom and the most populous in the North East region. 

Among its main icons are Newcastle Brown Ale, a leading brand of beer, Newcastle United F.C., a Premier League team, and the Tyne Bridge. It has hosted the world's most popular half marathon, the Great North Run, since it began in 1981. The regional nickname and dialect for people from Newcastle and the surrounding area is Geordie. With so much to see and do, where do you start?  

Whether you're visiting Newcastle Gateshead for a city break or you're a local looking to explore the North East - our list of must sees will ensure you experience the best Newcastle Gateshead has to offer.

The Angel of the North
Since spreading its wings in February 1998, Antony Gormley's The Angel of the North has become one of the most talked about pieces of public art ever produced. Rising 20 metres from the earth near the A1 in Gateshead, the Angel dominates the skyline, dwarfing all those who come to see it.  Made from 200 tonnes of steel, it has a wingspan of 54 metres and a red-brown colour that comes from the weathering steel which can withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour. Getting up close and personal with the Angel is an experience you'll never forget!


The Castle Keep
The Castle Keep is one of the finest Norman stone castle keeps or donjons surviving in Britain today. It is a scheduled ancient monument and Grade 1 listed building. The Castle Keep is located within the historic heart of the city. It sits upon ground previously occupied by the Roman fort Pons Aelius, an Anglo-Saxo cemetery and a Norman motte and bailey castle from which the City takes its name. The Castle Keep also boasts an outstanding view of the river and seven bridges from its rooftop.

Great North Museum: Hancock
The Great North Museum incorporates collections from the Hancock Museum and Newcastle University’s Museum of Antiquities, the Shefton Museum and the Hatton Gallery. Highlights include a large-scale, interactive model of Hadrian's Wall, major displays showing the wonder and diversity of the animal and plant kingdoms, spectacular objects from the Ancient Greeks and mummies from Ancient Egypt, a planetarium and a life-size T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. The Living Planet display houses hundreds of creatures and by using a mixture of touch screen technology and hands-on investigations, visitors can investigate these animals and find out where they live and how they survive in such extreme places as the arctic and desert.

Live animal tanks and aquaria are integrated into this major display where visitors can see wolf fish, pythons and lizards to name a few. Star objects include a full size model of an elephant, a great white shark, a virtual aquarium, live animal displays, a polar bear, a giraffe and moa skeleton.