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The Tunic Dress

Tunic Dresses are the simplest thing to throw on for summer. They flatter almost any figure, they can form several outfits, and can even transition into Autumn/Winter with the right accessories. Tunic and Shift dresses are some of the easiest pieces to style because you can wear them with just about anything. These are also the go-to dresses of some women who are time-poor and just want to wear something that’s uncomplicated but still very chic.

Some shift dresses are made to be worn casually but once you style them up, they can look very elegant and can be worn at night. It's tough enough prying ourselves from the warmth of our cosy duvet each morning. Also looking put-together and work-appropriate by 9 am? Well, that's easier said than done. Maybe you're having one of those days when nothing looks good on you (so not true and you know it), or perhaps you spent a little too much time in the shower.

If your hair is acting up, all bets are off. Whatever your hitch, you're pressed for time — as usual. For days like these, we opt for the throw-on-and-go dress (a.k.a. the best trick in our sartorial playbook.) All these one-hit wonders need is a pair of shoes and maybe a necklace, and you're out the door quicker than Speedy Gonzales.

You might even have time to wolf down a bowl of cereal and make that glorious coffee pitstop before clocking in. The look is very simple and comfortable as the dress is loose and the fabric is not clingy on the skin. These dresses are already printed so keep your accessories simple with just a bangle or watch, stud earrings, a bag and sunglasses now, the sun is shining. You can also sport soft undone waves that add a simple touch of sophistication. A lot of style lessons can be learned with just a simple look like this.