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Spring Getaway

How To Pack For Your Easter Getaway:
There is just something about the anticipation of the spring/summer season that makes me want to jump into a convertible and escape reality. Now is the perfect time to plan a spring getaway. Not a vacation, a getaway. To me a getaway is a short trip that is barely planned and your packing should consist of one small bag. One small bag! Yes, that's right -- one small bag. Here are the essentials for a spring fling getaway.

The Check List:
Make sure to bring with you one suitcase of luggage only, otherwise you’ll be in pain carrying around all that weight! Pick it big enough, but it has to be something that is easy to carry. A good idea when starting to pack is to first do a checklist of all the things you will need to bring.

The Issue:
We women, are always chronically undecided on what to wear, therefore we tend to bring a little of everything “just in case”. Be smart: if you are staying away only a few days, prepare already a few outfits that you will need for sure; try to “recycle” the same items to make a different outfit with just a little add (e.g. The same trousers with two different tops). Most importantly, do not exaggerate with the shoes! And try to wear those that will take out most of the space on your way there (unless super uncomfortable, otherwise you will be coursing the entire way to your destination!).

Throw and go dress:
A dress than you can throw on or off in less then a minute is a must for a spring fling getaway. I prefer a jersey dress, as they are nearly impossible to wrinkle.

Same thing as above can work for other clothes too. If your bag is already full, but you are sure you will going to need exactly that jacket, and you think that maybe your beloved cardigan could be useful if nights are chilly… then layer up! Without becoming the cannon girl, just try to wear on your trip all those items that just take up unnecessary space from your luggage. Remember still to be comfortable and don’t dress up too much or you will melt all the way!

What about Make-up?
Make-up is always very important: but try to be realistic. Think about where you are headed. If you are planning a weekend under the sun, maybe you won´t need much make-up with you after all. Stick to the basics; only bring those products that make up of your every- occasion-cosmetics and you´ll be perfect and beautiful in every situation. Instead of bringing all your body, face and hand lotions, go for travel kits and smaller sizes. You might also want to consider using a plastic make-up bag, if worried about some pool splashes or if you are going camping.

Some Sparkle:
Go light with the jewellery and, as for clothing, consider wearing the least precious ones while headed to you weekend destination. Bring a statement piece that can match most of your outfits and try to go for something sparkling and light instead of precious stones that unfortunately weight a lot! Done. Are you able to carry your own luggage without your partner’s help?! If yes, then you are ready to go! Have fun ladies!